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Tailgates Have Changed Forever With The Kong, World’s First Koozie Beer Bong

Author: Brain Dunlop

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Ohio state university student chugging beer from the kong beer bong at his college tailgate party

Looking for a knockout beer bong experience? Want to chug that brew with comfort? These two dudes decided to make party/customer satisfaction a top priority when inventing The Kong. They eliminated everything holding back the classic beer funnel and created an idea that will easily elevate your next tailgate!

It’s a portable beer bong that you can take just about anywhere. You’ll have a nice koozie to keep your hands warm while drinking cold beer. Plus, you have an 11-inch tube hooked up to this contraption, which you’ll use to unravel to ingest your drink.

Dad getting excited for budlight being poured into his kong beer bong at a college tailgate party

The Kong blew the f*ck up on Kickstarter within 8 hours as plenty of people are investing in their product! Plus, it’s only $25 and it’ll arrive at your address within 5 days. The wait is worth it for all the tailgating stories this beer bong can potentially bring. You’ll have a professional portable beer bong on demand. That’s pretty f*cking sweet. Here’s what the creators have to say about their baby:

“Our experience and research in the party and tailgate scene told us that there are three features that will solve the biggest problems currently holding the beer bong to its original untouched roots. The features we wanted to bring were portability, making the beer bong personal, and taking it from novelty to a long-lasting, beer-drinking connoisseurs tool.”

The Kong sounds hard to pass up. I wonder if these bros can figure a more convenient way to toke as well. Gotta corner that market too, dudes! But that’s the future. This is the present of tailgating paraphernalia!

Get yours below!

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