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Beauty built the beast: The Kong Beer Bong will takeover OSU’s campus

Author: Madi Task

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“Beauty killed the beast” in the classic film, King Kong. But this new party staple will bring aesthetic, hype, and fun to your average college slammer. An absolute beast of a product is about to hit every Saturday tailgate you see and may make Ohio State a top party school!

An absolute beast of a product is about to hit every Saturday tailgate you see. The Kong Beer Bong is a “revolutionary spin on an age-old product,” according to co-founder Chase Snowden.

Dad having bud light poured into his kong beer bong at a tailgate

Serving as both a modern, innovative can cooler and a travel-size beer funnel, you can sit back and relax with a cold beer or turn the party up and challenge your friends to a beer bong.

“The Kong is unique, so it’s often a conversation starter,” Snowden raves. “Once someone realizes it’s a beer bong, they often ask if they can try it, next thing you know you’re friends with people you just met.”

The vision of The Kong is to create a community of people living life to the fullest in the simplest way possible, according to Snowden. Today students would rather order their party elements off Amazon or with a quick run to Target instead of making their own signs, streamers, and make-shift beer funnels. They’re looking for a beautifully reliable product that gets the job done and makes any party picturesque. This product is right on-trend for things simple, portable, and outright hype.

Co-owners Tristan McIntire and Hunter Souders met working together at Best Buy, becoming fast friends after they realized they were both about to transfer to Ohio State. McIntire met Snowden in a Schoenbaum Hall business class on campus, where they decided to work on the new product together, and the rest is history.

College student sipping from his kong beer bong while at college party

Being from the heart of the university, the gang knew Ohio State had to be the testing ground for the product.

“We essentially live in Test City, USA for a lot of other companies that have their HQ here, so what better place is there to start something of our own?” Snowden shared.

The product reached its Kickstarter goal within 8 hours, and inventory for the first order is expected to go fast. Stay up-to-date with their products with a follow on Instagram and Facebook @kongbeerbong and order your first Kong Beer Bong here.

They’re also looking to build their team with more Buckeyes like you. Reach out to contact@kongbeerbong.com for opportunities to grow with The Kong Beer Bong alongside the campus community.

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