Influencer marketing director APPLY NOW

300 usd / week
Part time


We are looking for a excited and driven individual to manage and create new relationships with social media influencers for influencer marketing campaigns.

Job Description:

  • Influencer discovery/outreach
  • Negotiating influencer deals
  • Managing influencer relationships
  • Coaching influencers how to best sell the Kong
  • Keeping up with Influencer posts and commenting to show support
  • Making sure influencers hold up their end of deal (posting)
  • Helping to brainstorm video ideas for influencers
  • Helping to setup influencers on Affiliate program
  • Sending influencers payment
  • Helping to write influencer contracts
  • Sending influencers merch and Kongs
  • Brainstorming gifts for influencers Ex: custom pong table
  • Finding themed pages to post our content on
  • Brainstorming content that we can make to put on theme pages
  • Identifying content opportunities that we can make with influencers

What were looking for:

  • Entrepreneurial personality
  • interests in ecommerce, digital marketing, content creation, building an online brand.

Stand out with:

  • Adobe suite experience: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, etc.
  • Examples of content youā€™ve created yourself such as tik toks, Instagram photos/videos, youtube channel.
  • Any marketing experience



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